AboutGC Environmental, New York

Throughout its history in the New York area, GC Environmental has emerged as a leader in the environmental consulting sector. The company offers a full range of environmental services, including hazardous waste management and remedial alternative evaluations. In the field of hazardous waste management, the GC Environmental team possesses an intimate knowledge of hazardous waste disposal guidelines at all government levels. By storing and disposing of hazardous waste in a responsible manner, the company helps New York clients avoid financial penalties and prevent pollution of surrounding areas.

GC Environmental frequently assists clients with remedial alternative evaluations, which are typically used to design optimal plans for remediation of contaminated sites. The company collects all pertinent data at a prospective site and delivers a comprehensive report to clients for their evaluation. In particular, the report compiled by GC Environmental includes primary waste and its effect on human health, alternative ways to remediate the site, and plans for the next phase of the project.